Our Mission

B&B Orvieto, our social and ecological project

Our mission is to provide every guest a unique and unforgettable experience, that goes beyond a simple accommodation experience. 

The excellence, dynamism, commitment, the transparency and dedication to every guest, along with the social and environmental projects, compose the company´s essence.

Social and Ecological

In our accomodations, taking care of the environment is just as important as taking care of our guests. Sustainability constitutes the company´s essence as one of its core values. It is part of our daily routine and actions, from cleaning to the food residue collection. We strive to work with our resources in an innovative, efficient and creative way, in order to take care of the environment and offer our guests a well-being feeling.


Through our communication we seek to minimize the resources usage and work with them in a sustainable way, meeting the sustainability requirements. We use flow rate regulators in the tap and shower to reduce water consumption and heat pumps for water heating, we turn off the lights and air-conditioning when there´s no need of it and we reduce our carbon footprint by using LED lamps. We also reuse paper as scrap paper for internal needs and follow a policy to change the bedsheets and towels in the rooms.


We do the sorting and separation of waste for recycling. We give preference to cleaning products that are eco-friendly and ecologically safer.


We encourage a healthy and quality nutrition, as we opt for products that are produced locally or are homemade.

Everyone Can Contribute


We seek to stimulate ecological actions by our guests.
In all of our units you will find a communication encouraging to:

• Opt for opening windows instead of using the air-conditioning;
• Use the air-conditioning responsibly;
• Turn off the lights and air-conditioning when leaving the room.
• Decrease the time spent in the shower;
• Reduce the lighting according to needs;
• Use towels more than once.

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